How to Returns
1. Go to "My Account"  -> "Order History"

2. Find your order Id. 

3. Click "Return" on the item & file the return form & get your RMA #.

4. We will contact you once we receive your request. 

General Returns

1. Non-food Products, if there are quality-related problems, we commitment to provide you with 7 days return service; if there are not quality problems, a non-return shall ensure that the goods and packaging to keep sale when the status, and accessories, gifts complete, does not affect the secondary sales, please contact customer service for return consultation;

2. Fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and other fresh perishable food, please check before you sign at delivery, upon receipt of such goods will be handled as non-returnable;

3. With the exception of fresh perishable foods, other foods only supports quality-related problems return. upon receipt of non-quality-related problems are not to be handled; within 24 hours after receipt if you cannot find mass inspection found questions, please call 1-718-111-1111 to contact the customer service center, and submit proof of relevant food quality control inspection department, we will contact you for further return support;

5. We commitment to quality problems of the goods have been sold for return;

6. To protect your rights, please contact your sales person to check the type of goods, quantity, specifications, gifts, money, etc. is consistent with your order, merchandise if there is damage, leakage, etc., carried out after confirmation of receipt ; after receipt, we no longer bear the responsibility for the problem can be found when the inspection.


Special note, the following shall not apply for Returns

1. Any non our boutique merchandise sold in supermarkets;

2. Replacement of goods only for the same commodity, the same price of replacement, does not support the replacement and the difference between the goods replacement;

3. Any used goods, except there are quality problems;

4. For any reason your personal causes over the shelf life of the commodity;

5. Unauthorized misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, improper use of product quality problems caused by, or torn, altered labels, security marking of goods shall not return;

6. Because any non-normal use and storage of goods led to quality problems.

7. Has been used flies membership card and gift card.


Return Policy and Precautions

1. If you receive the goods have any quality problems or discrepancies single shipment, please reject the whole package on the spot, we will process your refund service.

You can also be done on the entire parcel receipt, and then for the presence of abnormal Returns processing the commodity, then be sure to present the case in the clerk immediately contact our customer service, customer service personnel will be based on the actual situation reflects your you make the appropriate treatment;

2. Such as quality problems gifts can be a replacement, non-returnable;

3. Return the entire order or parts of the orders;

4. Please return the invoice together with the goods, if the invoice is lost, you can not apply for return;

5. Purchases with gift points, we will synchronize deducted from your account at the time of the integral refund;

6. Product images for reference, to prevail in kind. Color due to lighting and photographing different monitors and other issues caused by not quality issues;


Return shipping instructions

In the event of non-quality related return, refund, replacement freight, customers are responsible for the shipping cost

we will be responsible for shipping cost if there are quality-related problems.

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